OFA’s Weekly Roundup

30 May

The Weekly Wrap-Up

Posted by Elizabeth on May 29, 2011

Check out some of the stories you might have missed this week on the blog:

    1. President Obama pledged support to those affected by the devastating tornadoes that touched down in Missouri and across the Midwest.
    2. We got good news out of Detroit: Chrysler paid back $5.9 billion in government loans, fees, and interest payments six years ahead of schedule.
    3. OFA New York volunteers made phone calls and knocked on doors, helping to propel Congresswoman-elect Kathy Hochul to victory in the 26th District’s special election.
    4. President Obama addressed both houses of Parliament during a state visit to the United Kingdom, telling those assembled that the leadership of our two nations is more critical than ever.
    5. We took a look behind the scenes in Chicago, where volunteers are hard at work helping to sort and pack 2,000 cell phones we’re sending to campaign field offices.

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